Brand Marketing

What is Brand Marketing?

The concept of brand originates from ancient practices of marking goods – initially livestock before progressing to inanimate wares such as pottery items – to denote ownership by literally branding them with identifying marks.

As trade markets opened, meaning that goods were no longer sold on a local basis, those identifying marks became to symbolise more than just ownership to include other attributes such as quality.

With businesses all competing against each other for their share of the market, it is vital that you communicate via your brand why customers should choose your products or services over others. Managed well, brand marketing or positioning can be a powerful tool for your organisation that helps you achieve your strategic goals.

We work with you to understand what is special about your business – whether it’s because you’ve been in your industry for a number of years and are experts in your field, or perhaps you’re a newer company that offers a fresh approach and innovation – and tailor content and publishing methods to make your brand represent what you want it to.

Ultimately, people buy with their hearts and where there is a fine line separating one competitor from another, the one that’s formed the emotional bond the most effectively almost always wins out – and this is especially true in particularly-competitive industries. If you want to read more about the power of brand, take a look at our series of articles on the subject

Our writer has a successful, published and versatile portfolio that spans a range of industries and services, from Engineering, Food Manufacture, Holiday Homes, High-end Jewellers, Interior Design, Corporate Florists to the Construction industry and more. Whatever industry you’re in, we have both the writing skills and the marketing expertise that will make your brand the one that customers choose.

So from writing White Papers, Thought Leadership articles and informative pieces to more light-hearted, humorous and creative works, all published in the right places, we position and maintain your brand, how it is viewed and, ultimately, engaged with by your customers.