What is Outreach?

Linking with our Brand Marketing Strategy, the term ‘outreach’ simply means the process of extending coverage of your content beyond those places where you already have control.

Whilst we would firmly describe ourselves as digital marketing specialists, we recognise that effective marketing means utilising all available resources to promote what your business does.

There are times therefore when it is appropriate to extend content and promotion beyond digital channels alone. So for times when your business is involved in something particularly newsworthy we’ll promote your content to the relevant printed publications.

This might be an article that we’ve written for you that we think has got some ‘mileage’ or it could be that you’ve been nominated for an industry award or have had a particularly high-profile project that others in your industry – or indeed associated industries – might want to read. Whatever your business sells or provides, there are almost certainly industry-related publications out there, and we research and identify the ones that your organisation should target.

For stories that we think could be of interest to the wider public, we’ll write a press release and circulate it to our network of journalists with the aim of publishing at regional or national levels, or indeed both, where appropriate.

It’s worth stating from the outset that not everything that happens within your business will be of interest to anyone else (Graham from Accounts busting his moves at the Christmas do or Doris the cleaner celebrating five years’ service for example) so we’ll only suggest Outreach if we genuinely believe it will provide a helpful and valuable service – we all have reputations to maintain, don’t forget, so it’s not in our interests either to do this just for the sake of it.

When it is required, though, Outreach presents a very useful tool in engaging your target audience in a different way and on a different scale.